Top 10 Power Tool Accessories Brands

Whether you’re looking for new accessories to increase the functionality of your handheld power drill, saw, or nail gun, you need to be clued up on which brands to go for and which brands would suit you.

To decide which power tool accessories brands suit your needs best, you will need to overview which brands are in your budget and which brands are best suited for your experience level. For instance, if you’re a beginner, you won’t need the most complex power tools and accessories on the market!

For complete guidance on making your power tool accessory decisions, keep reading. We will cover the top 10 power tool accessories brands, including information on their affordability and what level of experience they are geared towards.

Top 10 Power Tool Accessory Brands

In no particular order, let’s dive in and take a look at the top 10 power tool accessory brands to consider when comparing products to add to your tool store.

Hobson Engineering

Hobson Engineering started in 1935 and has since grown to become Australia’s leading wholesale supplier of fasteners, bolts, nuts, all-thread rods, screws, and anchors. In addition to the vast range of hardware supplies they manufacture, Hobson Engineering also offers a range of power tool accessories.

Hobson is known for producing high-quality and reliable products, and its products are reasonably priced. Their SDS plus adaptor is compatible with drill drivers and impact drivers and is available for an online price of $30. Their power tool accessories and extension drivers are well suited to those seeking affordable and high-quality power tool accessories.


Macsim power tool accessories are designed to be perfect for assisting in woodworking projects or decking. Their clever tool drill accessory is an all-in-one countersinking and pre-drilling tool. It allows users to create a controlled uniform and consistent depth while drilling and comes with 2 additional replacement drill bits. This accessory is suitable for a 10G standard head and 30-50mm length screws.

If you are looking for power tool accessories for a woodworking or decking project, and are hoping to achieve a professional finish easily, then Macsim is the brand for you. Their products allow even beginners to achieve a flawless finish for their decking project, and the online price for this tool is $44.


Bosch is one of the more commonly used and user-friendly power tool accessory brands, making it perfect for those still breaking in their DIY skills.

The Bosch cordless drill comes with 2 batteries and a charger for prolonged use and has a 92% customer satisfaction rate, with buyers commenting on how easy it was to get used to this product.

Bosch offers drill accessories to go with their user-friendly drill, and they also offer accessories for their electrical saw power tool. Whether you have bosch power tools or not, this brand comes highly recommended.

In terms of budget, it is essential to understand that Bosch is a luxury brand, and so their highest standard products won’t be available for miraculous prices. However, the recommended retail price you pay for Bosch products is more than accounted for by the high quality and durability they offer.

Smith & Arrow

Smith & Arrow is a brand that produces long-lasting and fast-cutting grinding discs and cutting discs for metalwork, woodwork, and concrete work. In addition to this, they also offer a series of drill bits. Smith & Arrow’s mission is to create high-quality prices without sacrificing affordability.

This brand suits those looking for affordable abrasives for metalwork or concrete without sacrificing the quality of the product.


Ryobi is a brand of power tools and power tool accessories tailored for professional use and construction sites. This brand has added convenience due to their offering of accessory kits alongside their power tools. They offer both a power drill accessory kit and a rotary accessory kit.

However, Ryobi’s accessories are only compatible with specific brands, and therefore you will be required to research whether Ryobi products are compatible with your power tool brands.


DeWALT is known for providing heavy-duty power tools. The brand prides itself on delivering power tools and power tool accessories that are incredibly durable and perform to a high standard in harsh environments. Their power tools are suited for all kinds of jobs and work sites.

DeWALT offers drill bit parts and tool bits for circular saws and more. One of the downsides of this brand is that customers have reported dissatisfaction with the affordability of the DeWALT product range.


The affordability of Ozito products makes this brand a sound choice for homeowners looking to perform some DIY projects around the house, such as assembling furniture. Ozito offers saw blade power tool accessories and drill bit accessories, along with their range of power tools.

These products have been deemed suitable for the local handyman and amateur alike but are not durable enough to be considered viable for professionals and site work.


Makita is a Japanese power tool company and claimed to have been the first manufacturer of the electric planer. Makita’s products are considered well-suited for industrial work in the gardening, construction, and commercial cleaning industries.

Makita establishes itself as an expensive brand due to the high quality of its industrial-grade products. Their power tools come fully kitted with a wide range of accessories for the users’ convenience.


AEG is a German power tool accessory brand offering accessories for grinders, drills, power saws, and other power tool staples. AEG presents many accessory kits, including screwdriver bits, which can be helpful for those looking to buy a bundle rather than spend time researching individual power tool accessories.

Black & Decker

Black & Decker offers a huge range of traditional power tools and accessories. Black and Decker is a reasonably priced brand and has accessory kits available for the convenience of buyers.

This brand is suitable for smaller DIY tasks and assembling furniture, but their drill accessory determines that their products are not ideal for industrial use. For industrial use, you need the highest standards of durability.


Whatever you’re looking for, Mahjong Ways Slot from hex adapters to extension drivers, you need to compare products to determine which brands are best for your needs. Once you have determined which brand is best, you can get the best deal by adding items to your wishlist on an online store to add to your cart when the price offered is reduced due to a discount offer.

If you are a DIYer looking to buy power tool accessories for jobs around the house, it is important that you opt for affordability. If you are a professional, it is essential that you opt for durability and efficiency in your product selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Accessories Do I Need For A Drill?

Some of the most helpful staple accessories you can buy for your power drill include:

  • A rotary rasp – for grinding away extra wood.
  • A drywall bit will allow you to drill in screws to an appropriate depth when hanging drywall.
  • A hex bit – this attachment is helpful for joining metal and repairing appliances.
  • A magnetic bit holder and magnetic bits.

Can You Get A Saw Attachment For A Drill?

Yes, you can get a saw attachment for your standard power drill. A reciprocating saw kit can change your power drill into a reciprocating saw.

How Do You Drill In Hard To Reach Places?

A right-angle drill bit attachment will allow you to drill in hard-to-reach places by allowing you to create holes from an angle that isn’t perpendicular to the surface.

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